Hostgator Review - Why should you choose Hostgator hosting?

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Hostgator Review:

Hostgator v/s Fatcow Hosting - Why Hostgator is better?

We are here to compare between the web hosting services of two well-known companies called Host Gator and Fat Cow. As Hostgator exists in this comparison, we've got to expect a lot of differences and advances. Well, the major differences are discussed below.

Advantages with Host Gator:

Host Gator is continually being on the top of the web hosting companies as it offers a wide range of services. One of the greatest advantages that most customers of Hostgator get assisted with is the Reseller Hosting Account and the Dedicated Server account.

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Reseller Account:

When you own a Reseller account, you are entitled to set up your own web hosting company providing hosting services to all of your clients. For this, you need a master log-in something that enables you to handle a good number of hosting accounts. With this, your clients will be able to log in and check deals and updates.
Well, you need a particular business plan for this as it starts from $24.95 per month and are available up to a price of about $99.95 per month. This also depends on the space and bandwidth you need. 

Dedicated Server Account:

With a Dedicated Hosting Plan, you get the total server for rent per month and this facilitates the wide database websites and software apps. But if you are looking to host a personal or a business website, shared plans of Hostgator are much efficient.
The Dedicated Server plans of Hostgator are available in various packages and start with a cost of $174.00 per month along with the boost of an Intel Xeon Dual Core Server which is quite powerful.

Shared Hosting Plans:

The Shared hosting plans of Hostgator do wonders and assist with a wide range of options and packages. As the name suggests, this plan shares the disk space on servers with different people and this includes Hatch ling Plan that offers single domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited emails and comes at a price of $4.95 per month.
Another plan called the Baby Plan assists with unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited emails while it comes at a price of $7.95 per month. The Business Plan is something awesome and features unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, free dedicated SSL and IP and free toll-free number at a cost of $12.95 per month.
So, Hostgator brings these advantages enabling with a wide range of features and plans for beginners as well as for hosting professionals. So, if you need a single domain, you've got the hatching plan but if you need many domains, you at least have to opt for the Baby plan which is quite amazing.

Fat Cow:

Fat Cow had a good rise in terms of web hosting in a small span of time when we consider the online world. This company is quite reliable company and has also delivered good hosting services which have provided it with good rankings from the customer point of views.
But when we Fat Cow with Hostgator, it has a lot of drawbacks. The first one being the non-availability of a Reseller Account, something for which Hostgator is quite famous. The Shared hosting plan of Fat Cow offers a single all-in-one package that features unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and unlimited emails while it comes at a price of $3.67 per month.

Big Differences:

Hostgator does not offer a free domain name for life while Fat Cow does offer and this one the feature which has attracted many of its customers while this is the main drawback of Host Gator.
The Shared Hosting plans are quite different as Fat Cow offers these services in one single all-in-one package excluding the Reseller Account feature. Hostgator offers its shared hosting in various different schemes with great features and above all the Reseller account.
For normal, small and personal blogs and website, Fat Cow web hosting is a good option for proper assistance but Host Gator has another way of pricing which is a bit high making the customers shell out some good bucks but offers great services and features. Hostgator’s plans and packages are full of high prices and hence they of course provide good service along with 24 hours customer service.
Fat Cow accompanies one single all-in-one-basic plan that provides with all features and assistance to host a website. One more difference is that Host Gator makes use of the “cPanel” for its admin in the hosting and a lot of companies use the same thing for hosting plans while Fat Cow doesn't as it make use of a cPanel User Interface. 

For businesses or individual self-hosting ones, Hostgator is the leader of all and this is because they offer amazing services such as Re-Seller options, Dedicated Server packages and Shared Hosting Plans along with the facilities of 24/7 customer support and toll-free phone numbers services.
However, both these web hosting companies, Host Gator and Fat Cow have their own merits and demerits being popular throughout the globe. Above all, both the web hosting companies have a server “up-time” of more than 99.9% along with customer service and affordable cost.
Finally, if you are an individual or a single business who just wants to host your blogs, websites or create email accounts or forums, the shared plan of Fat Cow is the best option for you. It comes at a price of $3.67 per month, something affordable in comparison to the $7.95 per month plan of Hostgator.


Hence, this was the detailed comparison between Host Gator and Fat Cow and when you take a deep note onto the web hosting services of both the companies, you may find it complicated but on most grounds, Hostgator does wonders for its customers.
In order to host multiple websites with a good business plan in mind, Hostgator is a good option as its services would match and assist to your needs. Else, if you are thinking of a small and personal business, then Fat Cow seems to be the best preference for you.

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